And with a link to a Box folder, the dossier is turned in once more. I have no more deadlines to meet for my 5Y year and that feels a little odd. Very nice–absolutely–but odd.

I’ve again made most of my dossier public, if you’d like to read or review any of it.

What is included:

  • my CV (always public, see the link to the live version on my About Me page)
  • a list of annotated publications and their impact (note the Altmetrics!)
  • my statements
  • my librarianship accomplishments (the things that comprise my day job)
  • the campus forms (teaching evals, lists of committees, etc)

What isn’t there:

  • a folder of PDFs of all of my published work. It’s all open, save one book chapter, but the committee requests PDFs of everything so each committee member need not go chasing it down.
  • research in draft– I’ve got some book chapters sitting with editors and a couple of papers underway. Anything submitted, P&T got a PDF, anything underway they got a one page summary.
  • anything written by anyone else. We don’t have/recruit external letters of support, so I don’t have those. My peer teaching evaluation and my evaluation of librarianship are written by colleagues here and while I have a copy, it is strongly preferred that I don’t post those externally.

So now you’re done, right?  If I had a dollar for each time on this question, my student loan balance would be a lot lower.

Not yet, though I am at something of a brief pause.  On January 28, the University Library Promotion and Tenure Committee will vote on my dossier. I’ll meet with my Dean a few weeks after that (calendar tetris, woohoo!) to discuss the outcome of the vote. That vote is the faculty’s confidence in whether I should be submitted for external review.**

Then my Paperwork person will spend the rest of spring with me fluffing things, sending out any more papers I can get finished and accepted, and the Library trying to identify who they’d like as my external reviewers–who will then have the summer to read my research and comment on it.  AFAIK, they get that folder of PDFs, my CV, and my research statement. Nothing else.

The letters come back in the fall and then on November 4 is the final internal vote (4 internal votes altogether). It’s the 5.5 vote, if you will, and is the last make or break before sending my dossier to campus. Then some further formatting etc etc etc and somewhere around the first of January 2017 my dean will send my dossier to campus for a vote by the University Promotion and Tenure Committee in February 2017.

Head spinning yet? Me too.

But today, it’s out of my hands. I might get a question or two from the committee but I don’t need to wallow over anything for a few weeks, just forward any particularly interesting updates to my paperwork person as she prepares to present my case. Now I just get to focus on writing the two papers I’ve been neglecting and a to-do list that keeps threatening to drown me.


**If I fail that or any other votes, I’ll get a one year terminal contract starting with the next academic year (Aug 2016 or 2017) and I’ll be actively job hunting.