I’ve started seeing the panic of everyone realizing that while they are starting to wind back up after the holidays and the new year that suddenly Midwinter, oddly early this year, is upon us.

Count me in for the slightly panicked group. While it looks like we won’t have the crazy snow of last year, with it’s many cancelled flights and hours upon hours of snow shoveling, these’s still weather to worry about and the joy of flying between Chicago and Boston in January.

I’m flying in on Thursday and out on Tuesday.  Major foci this year are being Madame Chairwoman for LITA Education (committee meeting, all chairs, and presenting to the Board again); ACRL RDM Roadshow (we have our “official” kick off on Friday); talking to RefWorks (I’m being sent to ask questions–that should be entertaining).

And of course I’ll be at LITA Happy Hour on Sunday. It’s always an excellent time. You should come too.

LITA Happy Hour
6:00-8:00pm, MIJA Cantina & Tequila Bar, Quincy Market, 1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace

I still have to figure out what knitting I am taking, I am planning for a minimum of three projects. One large one for hotel and plane knitting (and endless airport knitting if the weather doesn’t cooperate on one end or the other) and two small ones for going between meetings and balancing a snack or beverage.  I have endless faith in my ability to knit three times my usual capacity while I’m traveling.

Safe travels to those of you also headed towards Boston, I’ll look forward to seeing you there!