Open Access Tenure: 5Y Briefly

I spoke with my Dean last week about the outcome of the January 5Y vote on my tenure process. I passed!  Woohoo! So now it’s back to the grind of trying to get more papers out the door, more, more, more and a side of paperwork.  Can you tell I’m a hint worn down by the process?

For those following along, this was vote 3.  A quick recap of the votes I go through:

1Y — internal — A check in during your first year. PASSED

3Y — internal — First full review by library faculty. Paperwork, forms, all the things. PASSED

5Y — internal — Second full review by library faculty. Paperwork, forms, all the things. PASSED

5.9Y — internal — Final vote by the library faculty after letters from external reviewers have been received. (Late Fall 2016)

6Y — external — Vote by Campus Promotion and Tenure Committee. (Spring 2017)

For the moment, my primarily focus is papers. Anything with an “accepted” stamp on it will be included in what goes to my external reviewers, along with my CV and I think my research statement. My paperwork person will be working on getting all of my stuff into the 2016-2017 campus forms later this spring, I expect she and I will be going back to meetings every other week in the not too distant future.

There wasn’t much feedback at this particular stage. I got a couple of suggestions about formatting from one colleague, but nothing especially substantive. It’s not clear if I’ll get anything else back and if so from whom and on what timeline.

Fortunately, my to do list will keep me from thinking about that too much.


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