We’re  solidly into summer here in Chicago. I’m waiting on the Board of Trustees to vote on my tenure (July 12/13 is their meeting–I’ll let you know as soon as I get word…) and it’s ALA this weekend, which involves 20K of my friends descending upon the city. There will be ARCs aplenty and exhaustive discussions  of data management, innovations and changes, what’s happening next in libraries, and really, where one can find the best desserts and cocktails. I’ve no doubt Chicago will rise to the punch.

At work I’m trying to get through the backlog that built up over spring. It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to work through it al but perhaps I can make a large enough dent? Theoretically?

It would help, of course, if I didn’t continue to get dive-bombed by ideas. I’ve begun to dread Tuesdays.

Tuesdays seem to be miscellaneous idea days. Someone mentions something; a random thought runs through my head. And things have slowed just enough that I have a minute to write it down and to send off perhaps one short email. Just a “what do you think” or “wouldn’t be interesting if…” By Friday there’s a full fledged idea, a plan, and a team.

No really. It’s happened twice already this summer and last weeks’ idea tried very hard but I stuffed it into a notebook and said STOP. I figure that might buy me a week or two.

All of the new things will hopefully pupate into full on butterflies later this fall and you can hear about them more fully then. Currently, they aren’t solely mine and we’re still framing.

But if I call you on a Tuesday….watch out!


P.S. Attending ALA this summer? Places to catch me:

Saturday: 10:30-11:30 LITA  Appointments Committee Meeting;

Sunday: 10:30-11:30 Panel on Collecting Library Data! Come see me moderate Jenica Rogers, Kristin Briney, and Sara Mannheimer! I CAN’T WAIT!

Sunday evening: LITA Happy Hour [because where else would you find me?]

Monday: STS Research Poster Session! Representing me and Megan Sapp Nelson and the ACRL RDM Road Show

Tuesday: Closing Keynote! How could I miss it!