In a presentation that I regularly give on developing an online scholarly reputation, I point out to attendees that I have a twice-monthly reminder to update my CV. This is frequently met with amusement and skepticism. Surely I’m not doing So Much that I will need to update it that often.

And yet…

It is true, frequently I don’t have something on the every two week mark. But it’s not about that, it’s about how far back I need to remember. What has happened in the past two weeks? Did I join on a new committee? Did I manage to wind down a task force? Did I have a new paper come out? Did I or a research partner give a presentation that should be documented? And, realistically, there is usually something at least once a month. So only having to think back over two weeks and say “ah, right…” now my CV is up to date and I can move forward. It means there isn’t a scramble when my dept heads ask for it for annual eval or someone needs it for accreditation or a grant.

So what’s new on the CV these days?

Another New Job Title

Yes, I have a new job title at work. At the invitation of our Vice Chancellor for Research, I’m now part of the Office of Research as the Data Policy Advisor. The OVCR has bought out part of my time to focus — at a campus level– at some of the policy development that I’ve been advocating for over the past 5 years. I’m also working to establish more mechanisms for researcher support related to DMPs and collaborating back with myself in my Library capacity to ensure data education continues to expand.

End of an Era

This week, I updated my CV with a June 2020 end date for my participation in the Research Data Management Road Show that Megan Sapp Nelson and I built for ACRL. It’s been five years and I’m very proud of what Megan and I accomplished in creating the curriculum and what my team has done in it’s presentation. I’ve traveled to Boston, Arkansas, Iowa, New Jersey, and Trinidad to present the Road Show. I’m absolutely smug about the Data Engagement Opportunities poster–which hangs in pride of place in my office. Megan and I are working on our affiliated research project data, hoping to get at least Paper 1 out for review this fall.

Student Mentoring Section

I do a lot of mentoring, much of which I am trying to sort out how to appropriately document and take credit for (it is absolutely work) while also centering the mentees whose successes I am delighted to cheer on and whose struggles I try to help alleviate or navigate. There’s a balance also here of student privacy, especially with my CV being open (link on the About Me and the Publications page). So you’ll see vague things like “Prosth Resident MS Thesis” — which will change once said resident has graduated and their capstone/thesis is in our repository. I’m trying to sort out how I’d like to better document the faculty mentoring that I do.

Read Now

And, while it’s not on my CV specifically, I have added a small section change here. On my publications page there’s now a “Early Online” section, with post-prints for two of my recent papers. These are ones where the publisher has said “your website ONLY for a year.” Fine. Go forth and read about HPV and Doctoral Nursing education. 🙂

That should tide me over for the next couple of weeks, right?