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They Took My Pebble Pile – EurekaAlerts

Research colleagues, friends, and coworkers will recognize the behavior I’m about to describe as something I regularly do and which I heard recently called Penguin Pebbling. I see something — probably a journal article — and it reminds me of you and so I grab the pebble off the pile and fling it into your […]

Happy to See the Year End…

The last days before the winter break are a few lingering meetings, some planned email deleting, and writing up task lists for what comes next. If I were in my regular office I’d have every single one of my whiteboards (3 big ones, several small ones) and a rainbow of colors around me –filled with […]

A Decade

At a recent end of year All Staff Meeting our excellent Interim Dean was sharing work anniversaries — and then she said my name. Apparently, somehow, a decade has flown past for me at UIC. I have distinct memories of those first days ten years ago– sitting in a cubicle w/ door trying to figure […]

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