Book Review Policy

I have to temper my joy of “you want to send me a free book!” with the reality of my personal reading preferences, professional reading demands, and the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day. I am interested in reviewing diverse books and authors.

What I Primarily Read:

  • Women’s History and Non-Fiction About Women in Academia
  • Historical Romance (mostly Regency, Victorian, Georgian)
  • Historical Young Adult Fiction
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Knitting
  • Medieval/Renaissance History

What I Usually Don’t Read:

  • Thrillers/Horror
  • Abuse/Domestic Violence
  • Erotica
  • Category Romance (except Regency)
  • Westerns
  • Memoirs

How I Review:

My review style is subject to change but what you can usually count on is a brief summary, the good, the bad, and who I think it would be good to hand to when I’ve finished it.  If I received a free copy of the book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers, a publisher, the author, etc–I will make note of that.  The majority of the books I review are ones I’ve brought home from work or have purchased for my own collection.

My Contact Information:

My email address is MyFirstNameMyLastName (see below) at  Please email me for snail mail instructions. I can also be found on NetGalley as PhireAngel.

Things to Note:

My acceptance of an ARC or copy of your book is not a guarantee of a review on the blog. Published reviews reflect my personal opinion. If I dislike a book, I have the right to not finish it and not review it.  If you would like to use part of a review for your publicity (something other than a link on Twitter, short quote, etc.), please contact me first.

What I Do With the Books I Receive:

If  I absolutely loved it, I keep it, but space at Chez Hedgehog is limited. Electronic review copies are preferred in Kindle or PDF format. If the print review copy is provided, it will be donated to my local public library for adding to their collection (if final pub copy) or to be used as a giveaway (if an ARC). Print review copies will be returned only if the author/publisher provides postage.

I don’t receive or accept any money or remuneration beyond author-provided ARCs for blogging or book reviews. 

Abigail Goben