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Data Jobs Friday: April 20

Another Friday, another post, another wishlist of skill sets to own….*

Bryn Mawr’s deadline is Monday, so get this out this weekend.  They’re looking for a Data Integration Librarian. I was really interested in reading this job ad right up until I came to the “this is a temporary position” line. It’s not clear if this is a leave replacement, sabbatical, or what but I”m not sure how you expect someone to tackle data integration  (which really reads more e-resources manage) in a year and only for a year.

The State of Wyoming is looking for a Records and Data Management Analyst. This will be in their archives.

Interested from a business side rather than a library side?  JobServe is looking for a Data Architect. That’s here in Chicago.  Or you could tackle being a Taxonomist & Browse Developer for Amazon.  Part of me is really intrigued by the idea of developing for Amazon. I’d have to find a way not to get hung up on redirecting all the children’s literature in ways that made sense to me. Deloitte in New Jersey is also looking for a Data Architect. It’s IT heavy on the requirements list but there’s plenty of evaluation of taxonomy to go around.

Anyone want to work for NASA? You don’t get to go into space, and you actually don’t get to work for NASA itself, but one of their contractors is looking for a Digital Metadata Systems Librarian. Chalk this one on the systems side of these jobs, though this person will apparently be overseeing the reduction of print materials, so this one looks like there will be a lot of broad activities to tackle. (7+ years experience btw…and you have to be within 100 miles of Greenbelt, MD to apply)

Penn State at Hershey is looking for a Biomedical Informatics and Emerging Technologies Librarian.  From the job ad: “The Biomedical Informatics & Emerging Technologies Librarian will expand the library’s role in supporting the basic and clinical biomedical research initiatives, determining and proactively meeting the educational and research needs of faculty.”   They said they were starting review resumes on 3/23 but I didn’t see this on LisJobs until 4/12, so I would assume you can still apply?

This falls more on the Linked Data side of things than outside research data sets, but Stanford is looking for a Head of the Data Control Unit, which is in the Metadata Department.  They’d optimistically like you to also speak another Western language.  (It reads “along with advanced knowledge of one or more Western European languages, XML and skills related to data massaging and development of scripts for automated data manipulation processes”.) Newbies need not apply.

Barnard is looking for a Data Librarian and Manager of the Empirical Reasoning Lab, which wins the job title of the week award.  The lab management part includes graduate fellow supervision and management.  This one looks like an interesting challenge.  I could also argue it looks like two jobs smashed into one, but I’ll be optimistic.

MIT is hiring for two fellowships that will probably fall into the data category, one is for Scholarly Communication and Publishing (there’s just a bit of concern about publishing data :-p) and Digital Preservation and Curation.  These could be great positions for new grads to grow in as long as they aren’t intended to be a stopgap that will leave gaping holes when those people move onwards to new great things. (Hat tip @sshreeves)

Sibling-the-Elder went to Dickinson College in Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree. It’s a lovely campus from what memories I have of visiting. They sent a lot of students abroad and there was a strong language program. Keep that in mind as you read the description for the Social Sciences position that they’re hiring. Yes, it does mention needing to be able to locate datasets, but “Also required is reading knowledge of a foreign language, with preference for Chinese or Japanese.”  So…Japanese-fluent, social science, data adept librarians, who wants to go work in Pennsylvania?

Brown University shows up again. We’d seen the Social Sciences Data job and the Data Visualization Coordinator. Now they’re looking for a Semantic Web Programmer/Developer. They’re launching VIVO and looking for someone to support the data ingest, data set management, etc. This is not a librarian position, more a coding/computer science position. It’s an optimistic hope, not sure they’ll find someone with all of these hats. I really must find someone at Brown to sit down and chat with about how all this is going.

Most of the jobs that I find are hard/social/life science related, so it’s always nice to see a Librarian for Digital Humanities Research. This position is at Yale. They also had a Science Research position that I posted last fall, the one year GIS position at the beginning of the year, and a Head of Digital Projects and Metadata more recently. So there should be a number of new people focusing on data from  different angles.

Bates University in Maine is looking for a Science Research and Data Librarian. I get hung up on the requirement of three letters of reference. Once we’re past the first job and professors, why aren’t references enough? Those letters so often have to be so general and frankly, I HATE asking for them (as a candidate). I have former colleagues and supervisors who are thrilled to be a reference for me. But if I’d had to get a fresh letter from them for every job I’d ever applied to, I’d have worn out their willingness fast.

Notre Dame is hiring a Metadata Librarian. While this one does have a heavy dose of cataloging, it sounds like there’s some opportunity for data management.  Certainly they’d like a linked data guru.  I met a couple people from their tech/systems side last summer at Code4Lib-MW, I’d be interested how this position will be working with Eric Lease Morgan and team.





Computers in Libraries Slides and One Sheet

I’m back from Computers in Libraries! The cats are seeing just how closely they can snuggle and they’ve reminded me how much they missed me by shedding as much as possible all over everything.  Pye also drug the handknitted cat blanket that usually is in a window sill under the middle of the bed, which is her favorite hiding spot.  Apparently I’ll need to make Gypsy a new one.

Welcome to those coming by who were in the room on Friday. There were a lot of people there.  If you’re looking for the my slides, they’re available either on the CIL website or I’ve included them here.

If you’re looking for that one page sheet with all appropriate links, that’s here or available under the presentations tab on the website.

Data Jobs Friday: March 30

Part of me is so incredibly grateful that it is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow until 9 a.m. The rest of me is staring at my desk wondering if I can squeeze another 3-4 days into this week.

Brown University appears to be doing some very interesting things. Earlier, I’d posted about their Social Sciences Data Librarian position. That closed with the new year so I would guess that they are probably doing in person interviews if an offer hasn’t already been made.  Now, they are looking for a Data Visualization Coordinator. We’re seeing a rise in these positions, this is the third or fourth with that specific title that I’ve seen in the past couple of months. This person will oversee the brand new Digital Scholarship Lab, but does not appear to be in a supervisory capacity.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is looking for a Library GIS Specialist and Systems Administrator.  For all that data sets will probably effect systems departments, web librarians, etc, this is a fairly rare position in that it actually talks about it. MLS preferred but not required, but having worked in a library IT department before is.

Washington University in St. Louis has a position up for a GIS Librarian.  They’ve had a couple others recently that were data related as wellI will add that potential candidates should have a look a close look at the goals of the director, who recently left McMaster.

I was asked after my presentation last week if I saw temp/contract jobs. Generally speaking, not on the job lists that I read. And that makes sense, most of the temp type of jobs–data clean up etc aren’t going to be posted on library listservs. There was this one for a Data Indexer from UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. It’s only a 9 month gig and there are some ambitious responsibilities.

Tuft’s is hiring a Research, Instruction and Data Sciences Librarian for the Social Sciences.  This looks like a transitional position, they’ve put the data requirements in the preferred as opposed to the required. So if you’ve got some work experience and would like to move further into data, this might be a good way to go.

Here’s a new title to me: Data Acquisitions Librarian.  This is for the Federal Reserve and focuses primarily on financial, business, economic, etc data. Job description includes “The librarian will work closely with two colleagues to manage the Board’s portfolio of data resources. ”  It’s a very different idea of collection development…

A couple of metadata jobs

Metadata jobs are a little tricky for me. On one hand, I think OF COURSE they are data jobs. But so many of them read as more traditional cataloging positions that have been renamed.  It’s not clear if they will actually be getting to work with data sets and doing actual data curation.  Certainly something for the savvy candidate to ask about.

For example, the University of Miami is hiring a Metadata Librarian. The description focuses very heavily on digital collections and scholarship but then also talks about copy cataloging.  I suppose that’s the default “and everyone will have to work the ref desk” of public services?

Then there’s the Metadata Librarian at Hope College in Michigan. That job description comes with everything including the kitchen sink–liaison, ref desk, digital assets management–but focuses mostly on cataloging.

I couldn’t really leave out Yale’s Head of Digital Projects and Metadata. This is probably much closer to the other data jobs I post. Or at least I would think a data librarian or two might report to them?  There are a lot of names and collaboratives and reporting structures in the job ad.

Then there’s metadata with a more systems side, which is what we see for the Metadata Technology Specialist for NYU.

Data isn’t mentioned but...

There are a lot of jobs out there these days that will probably have some data science components to them but where it’s not explicitly mentioned in the job ad. If you have some interest in data but aren’t quite ready to go whole hedgehog, these might appeal to you more…

For example, the University of Vermont is looking for a Health Sciences Education Librarian. Obviously I see a role for medical librarians with data sets and with the announcements from the White House yesterday, I don’t see that role going away any time soon.  Also, judgmental me notices they don’t include a salary on the job….

Continuing the medical vein, the College of American Pathologists is looking for a Medical Librarian. This job prefers AHIP certification (continuing ed and improvement for the non med-libs–it’s from MLA) and alerts to some travel.

I’m always amused at job postings in Guam. Today, the University of Guam is looking for a Government Resources and Research Librarian.  Again, see the posting from yesterday as well as Data.Gov.  There’s a lot of government data out there that needs to be wrangled. I was looking on their website to find more information but everything past the front page is sending me error messages.

Cornell College (in Iowa, not New York) is looking for a Social Sciences Librarian.  This librarian will be working with the Quantitative Reasoning staff, so it stands there will be some data work involved.


Lots more to follow–digging through the backlog…






Data Jobs Friday: March 9

Across the country we go again.  Something that’s come up with a number of jobs of late is the coordinator syndrome.  There are several places that seem to be doing the “we’ll just fill in the data needs by hiring someone new (maybe for just one or two years) and then everything will be fine.”   If you’re concerned a data job you see might fall into this category, I recommend you review this excellent post from Gavia Libraria and approach interviews with caution.  Even if you’re not concerned, the Loon raises a couple of questions that every data librarian should be asking to get the best lay of the land.

If you’re interested in working just north of me, Northwestern University has a really intriguing job opening.  they’re hiring a Numeric and Geospatial Data Librarian.  What’s so special about that, you ask?  It’s a department head position supervising THREE librarians.  Most of the jobs like this, it’s one person to support it all.  From the job description:  “In addition to managing the unit, the Numeric and Geospatial Data Librarian serves as the Library’s selector for the numeric data collection, and manager of the numeric data collection budget.  Directly supervises three librarians, one data management specialist, and one geospatial and cartographic specialist.”  Let me know if you’re coming in for an interview,  would be happy to have dinner.

Between UIC and Northwestern is DePaul, a Catholic uni on the northeast side of Chicago.  They have a grant funded position open for a Data Analyst/Programmer.  While I appreciate their candor, starting the job ad with “if the grant funding changes you are out of a job” might be the most encouraging way to get candidates on board.  You’d be specifically working with the Institute for House Studies, managing and wrangling their data.  An MLS is not required for this position.  This doesn’t actually appear to be with the library, so I’m not sure how closely they’ll be working with librarians.

The University of Minnesota is hiring a new head of the Health Sciences Library.  They’ve got a pretty robust data support program going on, though I’m not sure who from the Health Sci Library is involved.  If you’re interested, you might check with one of the librarians listed and find out what work is involved.

Purdue seems to be hiring a lot of people these days. We talked about the Metadata position and the Head of Resource Services.  Add to that pile this week’s postings for a Digital Data Repository Specialist and a Digital Library Software Developer. The latter is intended more for a coder, it doesn’t require an MLS, but they do need two of them.  I saw a presentation by D. Scott Brandt last week about what Purdue is doing and frankly, it looks cool.

Another management position is available at the University of Southern Mississippi, where they are looking for an Associate Dean of Research Services.  They just touch on data analysis as one of the things that the candidate should be able to manage, but here’s an opportunity to prevent one of those coordinator positions by providing some leadership and direction and financial support!

If you’re looking for the Wayne State job, make sure you don’t follow the link on the LisJob page (…etc). You need to go straight to or hopefully this will take you straight in.  They are looking for two Digital Publishing Librarians, who will be involved in all aspects of digital publishing, including getting things for the IR and possible curation thereof.   I haven’t dug too deeply into what they are looking for but it seems like this should involve publication of datasets.  One little red flag is that the job ad doesn’t have a salary listed on it.

Oooh, if you are interested in the state of Michigan though, UMich is hiring! Doesn’t it sound like an interesting place to work when the library is called the Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, Government Information and Data ? They’re specifically looking for an International Government Information Librarian.  The requirements are flexible for this one too, they’re not hanging everything on x number of years of experience but looking for experience doing certain things.  If I were into polisci, this would be very appealing.

And a third for the mitten state, Michigan Tech is looking for a STEM librarian and the posting I saw (only on a listserv, haven’t seen it on the boards) said they were very willing to consider spring grads and those newly degreed.

Oregon State has a brand new data services position.  While they identify who this person will be reporting to, it’s not clear what the reference department and liaisons may already be doing to support these efforts or what their anticipated relationship with the IR Manager will be?  Also, again no salary listed. “Commensurate” doesn’t tell me much.  If I were applying I’d want to meet with the campus computing people and the office of research to find out how they are supporting this position as well, as those are two departments regularly affected by the data mandates.

Cornell has a two year Health Sciences position available.  They are doing interesting things with VIVO, so that’s definitely appealing. I’m curious why it’s only two years though. Do they have two people going out on sabbatical?  Is someone taking a two year LOA to go study in a short program elsewhere?  They’ve also got a Business and Economics position open that I hadn’t seen on the job boards yet (it’ll probably come through between when I start this draft and when this publishes).  Both jobs have very brief descriptions of requirements, so it will be a bit of a challenge to really tailor the cover letter, but I’m sure you can find plenty of interesting things about the library.

Rhodes College makes finding their library a scavenger hunt. It took me five clicks from (where the job ad directed the curious reader) to get to the library homepage and then I was mostly prompted to log in to “In Rhodes.”   Here’s the link to the employment page.  Please note the position for an Information Services Librarian specializing in Natural and Behavioral Sciences, is under Staff positions, not Faculty.  This is a small liberal arts college, so I’m not sure how much research support will be in place, but it certainly can’t hurt for the librarian to know about accessing data and citing it properly with the undergrads.

I think Miami University of Ohio wins for job ad that doesn’t mention the name of the university until the last line.  They are hiring a Numeric and Spatial Data Services Librarian.  The only two things I wish they’d added were who the position reports to (several working partners identified) and salary.  Otherwise it looks pretty straightforward and rather challenging.  One year of experience is required.  I visited MUOH when I was a high school student, we saw a concert there. I remember thinking I might apply because they had a really cool recreation center, I seem to recall a rock climbing wall?  Ahhh the logical thinking of a 15 year old.

The Wisconsin Historical Society is hiring a Maps Cataloger. This is a two year project position, but looks like a good way to turn a GIS class and some cataloging experience into some practical work. No experience is required but there are a couple of good SLIS schools in Wisconsin, so I imagine there will be some competition.

(So why are so many of these posts in the Midwest? Where are the east cost jobs? Hmmmmm?)


Data Jobs Friday: February 24

Google has started showing me ads for “How to be come a Data Scientist.”  I think we might be onto something.  Also, I’m starting to check old posts when university names sound familiar–though it seems to be mostly complementary positions, not turn over or failed searches. I’m optimistic.

But before we get into the regular job ads: DataOne has internships open! Go apply right now! There’s some money behind it and they’re looking for within less than 5 years since you got your last degree.  Heather Piwowar and my Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology are both part of DataOne and I recommend them to you.  Go forth.

  • Harvard Business School is hiring a Director of IT and Information Products for their library. I’m interested to see how this one shakes out, what with the upcoming transitions that are happening at Harvard Libraries.  No doubt, the candidates will be asking about that as well. (Data not explicit mentioned but data and business are peanut butter and strawberry jam and IT will need to work on the infrastructure if they’re storing it.)
  • UC-Davis is hiring an Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Librarian. My first thought was, I wonder if Purdue has one of those. I was a 4-H kid, though with more emphasis on the craft projects and bread making than the animal showing and there were a lot of agri interested people involved with it.  The library employment website shows that they just hired a new department head for Agricultural, Enviro, Physical, and Engineering Libraries–so perhaps this is to replace a person who has moved up in the ranks?  That job closed in October. This one technically closed today (sorry) but they did say accepting til filled? Maybe if you get something in by Monday?
  • So, either Purdue is hiring a LOT of Metadata Specialists (a hopeful possibility) or this one looks like a failed search. I have this job posted on the September 23 jobs listing. But I have it here again now.  Anyway, Purdue and Metadata?  Yay? I haven’t done a granular analysis to see if this is a substantially different job ad nor have I called anyone at Purdue. Hopefully if it was a failed, they’ll get excellent candidates this time. Go forth.
  • Last fall we saw a job from Washington University in Saint Louis that was for a Digital Data Outreach Librarian. Now, they’re looking for a Subject and Instruction Librarian in Engineering.
  • At Swarthmore College, in Pennsylvania, they are seeking a Social Sciences Librarian.  It looks like you’d get to collaborate with other regional colleges: Bryn Mawr and Haverford. Maybe compiling data repositories together if you build them? I’m curious how many social science post docs there are though who also have an MLS.
  • Are you interested in getting data out of undergrads and helping them to find some? Go work for Jenica.  She (well, okay SUNY Potsdam) is hiring a Discovery Metadata Librarian. There is not an experience requirement on this one, so if you’re in final semester of your MLS, get your job ad out to her!
  • When I think of Marquette University, I think of their Dentistry school. At the moment though, they are looking for a Coordinator of Digital Services.  It’s an ambitious position, this person will “Manage and coordinate assigned projects for all Libraries digital initiatives, including training and supervising staff in processes and procedures, workflow management, metadata creation, web design and digital preservation” and the coordination seems to be for the library, not coordinating staff.
  • And finally, for this week, Northern Illinois University is hiring a Metadata Catalog Librarian.  This is a brand new position and looks a little more traditional cataloging than I usually include, but I was reminded today by a colleague that the catalogers really need to be involved in the data we’re taking into the library.
I’m cutting you off at 10 + intern this week….more next week!