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Hedgehog to Midwinter

I’m leaving for Dallas in a couple of hours. It’ll be my first Midwinter. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees warmer in Dallas tomorrow than it is presently in Chicago.

Here’s my approximate schedule if you’re looking for me. Tweeting @hedgielib or calling my cell if you have it will be the best way to reach me. Watch for the trailing yarn.


Fly in, arrive around 1 p.m.
Go to the Sheraton Dallas, drop everything off, have a short nap
4-5: LITA 201
5-whenever MC calls me for dinner: LITA Happy Hour


8-12 LITA All Chairs Meeting/Office Hours/PPC Not-Meeting
My committee is not really meeting at this conference. Yes, I still owe you all another post about that.
12-??  Lunch. I need plans. Who’s free?
Afternoon: Roaming the exhibits, asking pointed questions about RWA, SOPA, and PIPA.
Evening: More dinner plans. LSW people, call MC or I.  


8-10: Invade the LearnRT Board Meeting. Get Maurice Coleman’s help in bringing up some LITA PPC stuff. 10:30-12: The Role of Metadata Standards in Scientific Data Publishing: Part One (ACRL STS)
12:30 Lunch with Rudi
Afternoon: Possible running amuck in Dallas. Or I may get drug into another meeting. Who knows.
Evening: Library Boing Boing Event. I need dinner plans for Sunday. 


7-10 Debate why I got up this early to hear about the Newbery, which I will most likely not have heard of nor read yet. My children’s librarian capabilities are seriously slipping.
10-12: Check out of the hotel.
12-4: Run amuck in Dallas before heading to the airport.
7:30: Hopefully fly back to Chicago, assuming weather cooperates.

Gypsy and Pyewacket will be under the supervision of the Trombone Player. They’ll be getting hours of playing with their favorite rope toy. I doubt I’ll be missed at all.

Whither Said Account?

Towards the end of last year, my friend Iris mentioned that she wanted to get her online passwords under control. I was very interested because I know that mine have also gotten a bit unruly.

Today, once I saw the emails from 6pm and Zappos about the hacking and personal data breach, I decided to run through the four major email accounts that I use and see just how many user accounts and websites I could come up with having without having to do a huge archaeological dig on myself.  I’m not entirely sure the website I used as an undergrad that had something to do with kiwi is still active but then, that hotmail account has been dormant since 2005 or so.

The present count, which I’m sure will increase in the next few days/weeks as I think of more, log on to other computers, etc, is 201*.  My completely uninformed guess says that puts me probably somewhere about normal or on the low end for people of my demographic.

There are things that I need to do with this information

  • I do need to get my passwords sorted and I keep hearing good things about LastPass.
  • I need to create a list of these accounts that’s part of the documentation that goes to various people if I should die. (I’m fine, truly, just planning ahead. Same reason I had a lawyer draw up powers of attorney and a will for me, it’ll mean there are a lot fewer questions should the unexpected occur. It also prompted a lot of conversations that I’d rather we have now than later.)
  • I’d like to make a second/third/fourth pass through that list and see where I can nuke the accounts. I don’t anticipate that it will be easy to delete an account, most of the websites I visit don’t even seem to have that option anywhere. All the more reason to have a comprehensive list floating about.
What would I like to get rid of?
  • Sites that stopped updating three years ago
  • Sites where I only purchased one thing but had to register to do so
  • Prescription management sites from three jobs ago
  • Any website I no longer remember why I signed up
Things that aren’t immediately clear.
  • Should I hold onto the health insurance websites from three jobs ago? Try and log in and see if I still have access? Download that info and then see if they’ll kill the account? (I know, that last one is doubtful.)
  • What should I do if the website appears to be dead and gone? (Other than keep it in an archival spreadsheet)
  • What do you use to sign into websites without creating yet another sign in? I know there was a service that would let you do that. What have experiences been?
Other than Goodreads or strictly related to things I’m doing on Twitter (e.g. Twitterfeed), I don’ t like using my Twitter log in elsewhere.  Same goes for Facebook. I find it a little creepy that I see the “Log in with your facebook account” everywhere.  My Google accounts are tied into a wide variety of sites that I use, mostly acquisitions over time (e.g. YouTube).
I also think I need to start doing more “purchase without logging in” and I wish websites more often gave you that option.  Obviously I don’t need to add further to my list.

*It was 130 when I started this blog post a  couple hours ago.


I’m just back from New York, meeting The Blonde’s baby*, being Auntie Hedgehog and all that. Courtesy of New York drizzle I got to spend a charming extra four hours in O’Hare airport.  I appreciate American not making me do a mad sprint–when we touched down I would have had all of five minutes to get to the gate, get off the plane, and make it to my next gate, no mean feat in those terminals–but I really wanted to get back to La Crosse and tackle an inbox that was looking dire.  While I adored having borrowed the HP Mini from work, (only a DVD drive would have made it better), there is only so much email I can face on that small screen.  The most pressing things got answered, everything else is still mocking me.

Gypsy, Her Furriness, Queen Widget the First, stayed at home with O again.  She seemed relatively pleased I returned, though once again I was receiving complaints that I’m not as fun.  Comes with the territory and the nail trimming duties I suppose.

Twas good to go home though, back to my favorite city. There was excellent Thai food (twice!) and time with people with whom I can truly be myself and to whom I can say what I’m really thinking.  Or where we’re all obviously sharing a brain and a glance expresses all of the thoughts on that outfit that just strolled past us.  The people watching is so amazing sometimes.

I read frivolous books and ignored my RSS feeds.  I wore jeans for five days and moved into my new white hooded sweatshirt for the fall.  I had a bacon-egg-cheese-on-a-roll at 2:45 a.m. and the guy behind the counter didn’t even look at me funny when I asked.  And there was a bodega open at that hour to make me one. I went to the National Museum of the American Indian downtown and then sat in Battery Park staring at the ocean.  And, courtesy of the Brunette’s new apartment, I got to see a whole new part of Manhattan that I’d never explored.  Who knew Bailey of Barnum and Bailey had a small castle on the northern edge of Harlem? Truly lovely buildings up there.

And now I’m back and plunging  in.  It’s fall and storytimes are in full swing. I came back, dropped off my suitcase, and came to work for my Wee Reads. I owe y’all an update on that.  I start a genealogy program next week–called the Incredibly Patient Mother and asked her to ship my notebook from 4-H summers past. I’m looking forward to showing the kids how I’ve been able to use the Census (much of which wasn’t as readily available online when I was doing my research) to trace my DAR eligibility. I’ve an upcoming Rick Riordan party, 39 Clues party,and Legends of the Guardians/Guardians of Ga’Hoole party to plan…

Also, my desk appears to be missing. Much to do and September ends in only a couple of days.

But the smell of salt water and the sound of the subway trains lingers…

*he’s going to need his own blog name.  First Nephew? Boy Blue (Dad’s NYPD and he has BLUE eyes)? Suggest something…

Random Wednesday

Silence can be a sign of too much to say rather than the inverse.  Trying to align my thoughts of late has been challenging.  I’m working on a lot of to do lists.  And if it isn’t in my day planner, it is not happening.  That’s the rule. The day planner is final and it’s paper.  Yes I know that means it isn’t backed up and synched to my phone and etc etc etc…the best organization system is the one that works for you and accomplishes what you need it to without infringing on others. (I’m mauling someone’s quote there…)

1.  School started today. HOORAY! Does this mean the library is empty? Well…for about 15 minutes it did.  The school year isn’t necessarily quieter during the school year, but the focus is a little different.  Storytimes start again week after next and we’re swinging back to after school programming. Homeschooling parents are still  in and there are early release days starting next week so we get to play “what school district are you attending and are you truant?”  There are also an increasing number of families taking advantage of online education for the K-12 crowd.  This works to varying degrees, just as all other methods of education.

2. Book 10 of the 39 Clues is out.  I was number 2 on the hold list and I have started reading my copy.

3. Last check of the Mockingjay holds list had us down to 179 in the system with 30 copies. Hopefully readers will continue to turn things over quickly.  Audio is looking a little longer, the Branch Princess and I bought four copies but there’s only 1 other copy in the system so far.

4. I added a widget that shows my knitting projects! I know, I know, knitting was broken out of here and sent off to Hedgehog Knitting. My blog, my rules though, right?  So if you’re inclined you can click over to HL Headquarters and see little images and my progress. This is pulled in from Ravelry, where I’m pretty good about keeping up with admission of how much wool I buy and just how many projects I have going on at present. Feel free to nag about projects you think I should be finishing.

5. I’m going home three weeks from today! I have nearly an entire week in NY and only a few definite plans as yet, though the goal is to relax and get away and just see everyone there in person.  Just found out The Actor is going to be away (sad) so I’ll miss him this round. But I will get to meet my new nephew, Tyler; I can hopefully fit in a trip to  my hairdresser; and, perhaps I can get the Brunette to go with me to the American Museum of Natural History or the National Museum of the American Indian. Haven’t been to the former in 5-6 years, the latter, ever.  He doesn’t want to go yarn shopping with me, I’ll compromise if we can hit a museum instead.  Also, maybe out to the North Fork of LI (assuming Earl doesn’t wash it away) to the wineries. (Gypsy will be staying at home with her usual live-in minion, oops, sitter)

6. I’m reading Domesday: a Search for the Roots of England (Wood) and listening to Dragon Rider (Funke/Fraser). Blameless by Gail Carriger came out TODAY, so that might necessitate a trip up to BN after work.  Because I have copious spare time.

7. I almost have all my long picture books pulled for Wee Reads Part 3. I still haven’t found a chapter book I’m happy with so today will need to be rummaging the shelves again.

Hedgehoggy Stuff

I was reading the new Lisa Kleypas (somewhere around 2 a.m. while I was waiting for a database to download–it was over 2 GB because it hadn’t been compacted.  *sigh*) and found a laugh out loud passage about hedgehogs:

“And he called Medusa a ‘garden pest,’ and faulted me for bringing her to a picnic.”

Amelia smiled at Christopher. “Medusa has been called many worst things around here, including ‘diseased pincushion,’ and ‘perambulating cactus.'”

Love in the Afternoon, Lisa Kleypas

I couldnt’ stop giggling.  Excellent line Ms Kleypas….excellent line.  And I enjoyed the rest of the book too.