Selected Publications

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Peer Reviewed Papers

  • LeHew C, Weatherspoon J, Peterson C, Goben A, Reitmajer K, Kaste L, Sroussi H. Health System and Policy Implications of Changing Epidemiology for Oral Cavity and Oropharynx Cancers in the United States. Epidemiologic Reviews. 2017 Apr: 1-16. doi: 10.1093/epirev/mxw001. [Guest link: ]
  • Doubleday A, Goben A. Exploring Faculty Perceptions of Copyright at Dental Education Institutions: A Pilot Study. J Dent Educ. 2016 Nov;80(11):1308-1318.
  • Goben A, Raszewski R. Policies and Background Literature for Self-Education on Research Data Management: An Annotated Bibliography. ISTL. 2015;82(Fall 2015). doi:
  • Goben A, Raszewski R. Research Data Management Self-Education for Librarians: A Webliography. ISTL. 2015;82(Fall 2015). doi:
  • Briney K, Goben A, Zilinski L. Do You Have an Institutional Data Policy? A Review of the Current Landscape of Library Data Services and Institutional Data Policies. J Schol Comm Lib. 2015 Sep;3(2):eP1232. doi:
  • Goben A, Raszewski R. The Data Lifecycle Applied to Our Own Data. J Med Libr Assoc. 2015 Jan;103(1):40-4. doi:

Book Chapters

  • Briney K, Goben A, Zilinski L. Institutional, Funder, and Journal Data Policies. Curating Research Data: Vol 1. Lisa Johnston, ed. Association of College and Research Libraries Publishing. January 2017.
  • Goben A, Briney K, Zilinski L. Going Beyond the Data Management Plan: Services and Partnerships. The Medical Library Association Guide to Data Management for Librarians. Lisa Federer ed. Medical Library Association. October 2016.
  • Goben A, Raszewski R. Data 101: Learning and Keeping Current in Data Management Skills. The Medical Library Association Guide to Data Management for Librarians. Lisa Federer ed. Medical Library Association. October 2016.
  • Scholarly Communication in the Dentistry Classroom. Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication. Stephanie Davis-Kahl and Merinda Hensley ed. ACRL Publishing. March 2013. 237-247.
  • Knight ML, Knight RA, Goben A, Dobbs A. Theory and Application: Using Social Networking to Build Online Credibility. Online Credibility and Digital Ethos: Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication. Shawn Apostel and Moe Folk ed. IGI Global. November 2012. 285-301.

Selected Articles

  • Zilinski, L, Goben A, Briney K. “University Data Policy and Library Data Services: Who Owns Your Data?” ASIST Bulletin. August/September 2015.
  • Goben A, Salo D. “Federal Research Data Requirements Set to Change.” College & Research Libraries News. September 2013; 74(8). 421-425.
  • “LibGuides with the Research Group.” MLA News. September 2012; 52(8):19.
  • “A Librarian Talks About Choosing Books to Buy.” Independent. Independent Book Publishers Association. 28.7. July 2010: 8-10.
  • “Don’t Forget About Us.” LISNews Essay Contest. February 2010.
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