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Don’t Make Me Call You…

I’ve been using Silkies mail order service for about seven years.  It’s easy, convenient and considering I’ll rip through a fair number of stockings throughout the year, makes sense. Usually I have it set on quarterly shipments.

It did not get off to an auspicious start. I’d sent away for the first few trial pair. And they showed up a day before the invoice was due–backing me into a corner. I called customer service and was rather irate. It seemed very scam like to not give people any time to evaluate before you were billing them.  The rep agreed and gave me a two week extension.*

In general, things have been pretty smooth sailing. I’ve moved five times since I started and each time been able to update my contact information to the new address.

Apparently not any more.  I had asked for an immediate shipment in early November to try and keep things from getting caught in the moving shuffle. That shipment still hasn’t arrived, though at this point I’ve had to already pay for it. After moving and since it’s cold and I’m wearing hosiery every day (and that other shipment hadn’t arrived), I tried to do it again. Immediate shipment and updating the address.

Only–the website won’t let me update where I live. It claims that the “zip code does not match the account.” This tells me absolutely nothing, because it won’t let me update the zip code anywhere else.  I use the zip code to log in

So I emailed customer service. You have to go through their web form and wait for two business days for a turn around. First email sent–no response.  So I emailed again yesterday, trying to figure out if they’d updated my address for the shipment I’d just requested and asking how on earth I was supposed to update my address online.

I got a rather conciliatory email back this morning saying that yes, the shipment had been updated to the new address and that they had updated the website. So I went to check.

Updated apparently means “shoved your new address in front of your old address” so the USPS is going to have serious issues. And I can’t correct this issue because while the new zip code is listed for my address, the only place that customers can edit their address, it’s still saying it’s the wrong zip code and won’t let me make updates.

Which means I’m going to have to call. I’m not pleased about this. It shouldn’t take 3 rounds of communication including a phone call to update an address.  This should be automated on their website. By the time I get to that person on the phone tonight, while I will try not to take it out on them (certainly not their specific fault) the challenges and difficulties and broken communication I’ve already come up against means that I’m not inclined to make it a pleasant call.  When you force people to a point of irritation…

Choose your own library lesson out of this. I expect I’ll be able to get it fixed by phone tonight. I’m just seriously disgusted that it’s taking this long.

*It probably says something about customer service in general that seven years later I can still recall those details.

Tomorrow is the Day!

Well, my week of respite is finally up.  I didn’t think I’d need so long to get settled in but having a week’s reprieve between moving day and day 1 has been blissful. I’ve slept a great deal of it.  I’m a little concerned how the cat will handle being on her own for more than a couple hours tomorrow. We still haven’t fully established all of her rules yet.

Here’s Where We’re At:

  • Unpacking is at about 80%.  Mostly ironing and setting up the new desktop computer I bought and trying to figure out if I can get the keyboard shelf reinstalled.  Three boxes that are full of “stuff” still to go.
  • I’ve already lost a knitting needle. I thought for about a half hour that I’d lost a pearl earring.  Size 2 DPNs are much more easily replaced.  Earring has been located but the needle remains MIA.
  • Mail has started to arrive and I met the other neighbors on this floor when they knocked to drop off a box for me! So far so good there, I didn’t really want to have to get a p.o. box.  Might order something non-emergent from Amazon to continue this test theory.
  • The first Netflix has begun arriving.  I have over 400 things in my queue.
  • I can’t get my license or plates updated just yet because you need two forms of proof of residency.  My lease isn’t enough.  I am rather peeved by this because it reduces me to having to put guest passes in my car every day until after Christmas, which is when I next expect to have a full morning to sit at the DMV with all of my paperwork.
  • This means that I can’t get my library card renewed unless I can locate a librarian who knows me. Considering dropping in on Stevi and begging. (I’d bring my lease…)
  • I’ve run out of butter.  This may not seem monumental to some.  AudioGirl recognized it for the potential apocolypse sign it might be.  The past couple of years excepted I tend to bake quite a lot. And baking at Chez Hedgehog usually requires butter. I’m not Paula Dean but a pound in the fridge and a pound in the freezer is pretty standard.  Only…I’ve made four batches of cookies since moving and I only moved one pound.  So when I went to make pancakes tonight (dinner and breakfast tomorrow! thinking ahead), there was not butter.  Fear not, I had lots of really good Wisconsin dark maple syrup.
  • The Opera Singer and I are meeting in a bit to go see Tangled. I’m ridiculously excited at the prospect of spontaneous plans, as this hatched a couple hours ago.  I’m taking her some books that have been waiting for me to ship them to her. Hand delivery is so much easier.

I was flailing online a bit about how I had very little closet space here and the Cartoonist reminded me that I used to live in NY apartments, which also don’t have closet space.  Oh…that’s right I did. First with the girls, then the rookie cop, and then the airline steward. J and I had a better kitchen (of course, he’s since married the Blonde and they now have a basement for storage); C and I had no kitchen cabinetry to speak of; and really–you put five girls in one house and tell me how much storage space there is?  Of course, we had a basement there too.

But it was a pleasant reminder that yes, I have done this before and I can do it again.  I’ll get the 3M command strips that worked so well on my mirror in La Crosse and get pictures hung and that mirror back up and somewhere to put the coats when I walk in.  Possibly also my bathrobe out of the closet.  I’ll take a box to Goodwill or put stuff on Freecycle or Craigslist. I will somehow convince the Brunette and Sibling-the-Elder to play What Not to Wear with me.  I’ll buy a shelving/storage unit for the bathroom and one more set of shelves or something for the living room that I can put my tools and things on. I’ll buy one more bookcase because I really and truly need it.  I’ll start reading those National Geographics I meant to not have to move.

I just have to figure out where all of the small appliances and tools are going. That seems to be what’s eating most of the room.

Amidst the cardboard….

We survived the move! All in all it wasn’t that bad, though Tuesday was a comedy of errors and lousy customer service, minus the moving guys.  Jay and Harry were excellent and I am incredibly grateful to have had them carrying all of the boxes.  I even, after the nice gentleman of Eastern European descent (my guess is Ukranian) came yesterday, have internet!

Unpacking is going pretty well.  I’ve downsized space a bit, particularly where closets are concerned and that’s a little frustrating. I’m not sure where to tuck stuff.  I have no doubt this will help me get rid of things but right now it just means I feel cluttered.  All of the food in the kitchen is on a bookshelf as the cabinets are packed with dishes.  This will hopefully mean I’ll use up a bunch of this food and not buy as much/keep as much around–also a good thing long term but challenging short term. I will also, it seems, be getting rid of a lot of  plastic Tupperware/Gladware/etc…

Gypsy’s much happier now that I’ve stopped having complete upheavals of her life and well being every 24 hours.  I need to go online today and turn on her Cat Lo-Jack, I had her microchipped just before we left as she isn’t fond of wearing a collar.  She loves the new deep windowsills that she can sit in and as long as food shows up regularly, a clean litter box is available, and I come home for her to sleep on at night-things will be alright.

I am once again astonished how much I threw out.  I know there were at least 8 very full trashbags of stuff that went out to the garbage in La Crosse–heavy enough that it seemed I’d never get them over the side of the dumpster.  Two shelving units that had been in my kitchen were hauled out when I realized that they were, quite literally, falling to pieces.  I broke a bookcase the day I moved. Inadvertent but hey–one less thing on the truck.  And to my disgust, I had to throw away a perfectly good microwave. Apparently some of the Goodwills don’t take small appliances and by that point the truck had left and I didn’t have space for it in my car, nor internet to put it on Craigslist.

Now the cardboard is leaving in large trips.  And the bubble wrap. And the plastic with air puffs in it that Amazon seems to be using a lot of these days.

And I’m baking again.

Things are well.

Weight of the Printed Word…

Today was PACKING: DAY 1.  There had been some light pruning around Chez Hedgehog (2-3 shelves worth of books to the library booksale, 1 full trunkload to Goodwill).  But in general, I had holiday knitting to accomplish and work to get through.  Yes, I’m aware Christmas is still another month out, thankfully,  but I had plans for people at work and I had a November 19 deadline on those….

I finished the knitting with, uh, no time to spare.  So when the guy came to survey the apartment Friday a.m. (and was 40 minutes late), I was weaving in final ends and delicate chugging coffee after a mere three hours sleep.  I tend to be a tad more impatient and sharp of tongue when I’ve not had a lot of sleep; starting the day with someone running exceedingly late might have brought out my less chipper side.

I woke this morning to add odd sense of “nothing to do. ” This, of course, is not so.  I have many things to do: paperwork to muddle through, checks to deposit, paperwork to shift, an apartment to pack, a cat to freak out with a million boxes, clothing to launder, plants to deal with….  But I didn’t have work or mandatory knitting.  So I slept in a bit and knitted on a sock that I started when AudioGirl was here two weeks ago.

Then came my most daunting task: the cataloging and packing of books.  I meant to do it when I moved up here three years ago. I’ve been meaning to do it for the past three years. I wanted to get all of my books into LibraryThing.  I own a CueCat, this should not be a difficult process, but it had never gotten done.  Today was the day.  I’m now at 654 books, though that may change as I find a few more spare books around the apartment.

The CueCat barcode reader made life much much easier and I listened to podcasts and logged and packed books, taping up boxes and stacking them high.  The final count is 20 boxes of books now and 4-5 of DVDs.  There’s at least one box that I’m not sure I can lift by myself.  It’s got all of my cartoon strip books in it and those are skinny but hefty.  I scooted it to the current spot and so it shall remain until Tuesday.  I now have 654 books in my LibraryThing account.  I learned that I can easily export from LibraryThing into Ravelry, so my Ravelry bookcase has most of my knitting books (they don’t let you add all knitting books–it’s strange, I don’t understand) and all of my knitting magazine back issues.

Gypsy is confused.  She loves that there are new boxes and hops in and out, in and out, though I noticed she stopped doing that quite so much around box 12.  She’s climbing new towers of boxes and chewing on the corners.  Mostly she’s peeved that I’m home and still on the computer all day as this means I am unavailable to entirely devote myself to petting her.

I’ve spaced the book boxes out around the apartment, much as I did when I moved in when the Incredibly Patient Mother reminded me that putting that much weight in any one spot might not be the best idea.  I have sturdy floors and all but still.

I hope they send very strong men.  And I know I’m going to be giving thanks next Thursday for having a moving company so *I* don’t have to haul all these boxes.