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On the Flip Side

No, I’m not dead, just buried. Freelance work seriously picked up and then I went home for six days. Now I’ve returned and started to make sense of the disaster zone also known as my desk at work, and have hope that the living room floor will be reclaimed within the next 72 hours. And so I get back to my writing, yours obediently.

I had the chance, early in the month, to attend Wisconsin Sheep and Wool. It was a bit of a drive but the day was lovely and I was on a mission. At the Jefferson Fairgrounds I found two large buildings full of vendors with all manner of woolly goodness. That I succumbed only to some beautiful pale seafoam green alpaca, some tweedy alpaca, two skeins of coarser but delicious Icelandic wool and a couple of bars of soap should be applauded. Apparently I’m now collecting bars of great handmade soap, but at least it gets used and cleanliness/godliness and all that.

Also I met some sheep. There were a lot of sheep that looked like ones that I imagine in my head when I think of those wool-providing creatures. Then there were the ones as pictured here, who looked a lot more like goats that someone stuffed into a woolly pillow. Doesn’t that look like a fluffy Alpine to you?

The majority of the sheep were friendly and happy to discover whether or not I tasted like a salt lick. Fingers are always an acceptable nibbling treat.

I finished my first ever pair of socks! It came about entirely as a coping method one day, when I had so much running about in my brain that I quite literally could not do anything else. I sat and knit just plain stitches, one after the other, around in a very small circle. 52 stitches per row. Who knows how many rows because I didn’t count. Just one more needle, one more row. My brain ran on at insane miles per hour and my physical self worked stitch after stitch.


They haven’t been blocked yet. The yarn is Sanguine Gryphon Eidos in Alcibiades using the numbers/pattern from the Tsock Tsarina’s Tsock 101 Kit for those of the knitterly persuasion playing along.

And then it was back to Queens for two days of Indian summer and the first chills of fall. I stayed with the Brunette and Husband and new roommate. The Actor convinced me that singing for Rock Band, in public, was somehow acceptable. I made my way through Evanescence and No Doubt before it was decided that my rock repertoire was rather limited. (I knew this, they didn’t believe me. When Rock Band comes out with the 24 Italian Songs and Arias for Medium-High Voice version, call me.)

The Blonde, Brunette, Husband and I went apple picking upstate, in/near Warwick, NY. It’s a combination apple picking, rose garden (small but great colors), winery, and homemade donuts place. We stood for over 40 minutes waiting in line for fresh donuts and agreed that it was a form of unusual punishment to wait and be able to see and smell hot donuts but not buy nor taste lest our tongues be burnt. But warm apple cider donuts and great wine, as well as quite abundant apples, made it well worth the trip. (The two bottles of wine survived the plane trip home!!!)

Me in the obligatory “put your head in the cutout” –as required by the Blonde.

Finally, I headed into the City to meet up with My-Friend-the-Lawyer (who these days is more like My-Friend-the-Student, but he’s almost done with that) and eat amazing Lebanese food at Naya. The desserts were incredible.

So that’s where I’ve been.

Get Out and Participate!

Cheers and Happy Valentines Day! I think we got less than a foot of snow and if my sister can make it back from Washington DC in one piece, we’ll be excellent. (She’s at the airport and has actually seen a plane taxi! A positive start)

Although the week hasn’t been especially exciting a couple of things have cropped up and I’m starting to feel energy coming back again so perhaps I’m emerging early from winter hibernation.

Item one: an article proposal was accepted! Yay! So now I have a couple of months to put that together and see what coherent piece I can come up with for said newsletter.

Item two: I’m judging a romance novel contest! Giggle all you want but if you have seen what little I’ve managed to get into my LibraryThing thus far, most of it is from the romance shelves in my bedroom. It’s my version of television and it’s a lot easier to stop at the end of a paragraph and come back a week later. Also–no commercials. There isn’t even product placement! It’s fabulous!!

I’d also like to start doing book reviews but I’m a little concerned that my “affiliation” of “freelancer” will be a turnoff. I’d love to have a glossy place of work for you–truly I would–but I’m paying the bills with MS Access.

What are you doing this spring to participate? Any book/resource selection places you recommend I apply to? Enjoying the glut of chocolate and pink/red hearts?

Designing until you bash your brains out

I will never fully understand MS Access…it just doesn’t physically seem possible. I cannot comprehend a query that returns 131 records and then counts them to equal 141…. I fail to understand. And I’ve just spent the past 2 hours trying to remedy this little problem for a report that I’m doing for one of my database people.

It’s been a long day–my roommate had a friend over with special needs (imagine two petite girls, strong but petite–lifting a young man in a wheelchair up and down icy concrete steps). We decorated for the holidays while he was here. This mostly involved her on a chair trying to thumbtack homemade garland (yarn) to the walls and me standing in our front window trying to thumbtack up lights. There was a good part to the latter–apparently I’d dropped my wallet outside and a nice man was walking up and down the street looking for the right number and saw me in the window. He returned it with everything intact!! Definitely put a little Christmas cheer into my heart!!

So now it’s back in front of the computer trying to wrap everything up before I work on knitting, holiday stuff and cleaning the bedroom that I’ve lost under all of the garbage.

Oh yes–I also got a new job!! Don’t have a start date yet, assuming Jan 1 ish…but HOORAY!!! I’ll be a children’s librarian.

Experts-Exchange… a designer’s lifejacket

Introduced to me by a friend from library school, I’m a solid proponent of the site Experts-Exchange.com as an amazing way to get help when I’m designing. With only minimal training under my belt, I’ve had a lot of design requirements put on my plate for the projects I have to create. When I was given a very restricted budget for “consultant help”–I asked if we could get access to Experts-Exchange for a few months while I was in most need of it.

Wish granted–and it’s bailed me out a number of times–including this morning. I opened the database and, suddenly, none of my reports were working. A look in the main table revealed a wierd “deleted” record that just wouldn’t go away. After my usual try at tricks (and some hyperventilating when I thought someone had deleted all of my reports) I threw a panicked “Help” to e-e. Within five minutes I had a suggestion that I had never heard of…it worked, and everything is fine.

They’re great for much more complicated questions too and are very willing to try and hammer things out with you. Plus, a search of old questions may reveal a response before you actually have to ask a question. It, too, can help you frame your question in a more manageable fashion so as to get the answer that you need.

Very much worth the membership fee.

Back to Friday…