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Hedgehoggy Stuff

I was reading the new Lisa Kleypas (somewhere around 2 a.m. while I was waiting for a database to download–it was over 2 GB because it hadn’t been compacted.  *sigh*) and found a laugh out loud passage about hedgehogs:

“And he called Medusa a ‘garden pest,’ and faulted me for bringing her to a picnic.”

Amelia smiled at Christopher. “Medusa has been called many worst things around here, including ‘diseased pincushion,’ and ‘perambulating cactus.'”

Love in the Afternoon, Lisa Kleypas

I couldnt’ stop giggling.  Excellent line Ms Kleypas….excellent line.  And I enjoyed the rest of the book too.

The Hedgehog Necklace

A couple people asked about the hedgehog necklace.

Here it is–and I’m sure it will look familiar to ALA attendees because I wore it all weekend. It was a Christmas gift from Sibling-the-Elder. It’s pewter on a silver chain and came from England, I believe. Apparently the Royal Post delivered it.
It’s on a background of the knitting I hauled about all weekend, in case you were curious as to why that also looked familiar.  Hedgehog Necklace