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Official Posting Notice for Youth Service Manager Job

Madame Director informs me that the formal job posting is up and I’ve seen it on a number of job boards. To the resumes!!

Seriously, if you are interested at all, I do recommend applying. There is a lot of potential for growth and development of this department. There is also a lot of potential for baked goods and (if I’m productive) occasional knitted surprises.

What do I think we’re looking for? Someone dynamic, enthusiastic, leadership, whimsy, forward thinking, and ready to experiment. Are we willing to look nationally? Absolutely. I came from IL/NY, another reference librarian from OR and a new hire starting next month in another department is from FL. So there’s an interesting mix between people who have lived here their entire years and people brand new to the area (and yes, brand new lasts the first 10 years of residence).

Please check out my other post and the job ad. Again, please feel free to send questions my way (email on the blog site) and pass to those you think should be applying.

Want to Work With Me? Head of YS at LPL Position

I’ve been given a green light to start circulating this information though I don’t have a formal job posting available for you as yet.

My immediate supervisor, our Head of Youth Services, will be retiring the first week of August. We are beginning a search for a replacement.

La Crosse, WI is a town of 50,000 on the banks of the Mississippi with a Main Library and two satellite branch libraries. Our youth services department is very lively, with highly attended storytimes and I’ve got a healthy knitting group that meets on Wednesdays. Our teen librarian does a lot with gaming, which draws in a high number of young men, and we’re doing a lock-in in August. The community heavily uses the library and loves coming into our bright and cheerful children’s area, where we have computers, puzzles, highly beloved bean bag chairs, and a vintage giraffe. It’s a space built and intended for children and has the added benefit of being a little bit separated from the rest of the building, allowing for children to be a little noisier.

The youth services staff (head, 4FT, 2PT, 5 aides) is based at the main branch with forays to the branches for programming and collection development responsibilities. We had a dozen at tie-dying at one of the branches last week and eighty for a program on bi-lingual bugs. We are supported by the community and are blessed with an extremely dynamic director. The staff as a whole is coming to embrace social networking tools with internal blogs, wikis, etc. Our current website is being revamped, yours truly is responsible for the new youth and teen sites when they go up (October).

As many of you know, I came to LPL from Chicago Public Library last November. The staff has been very welcoming. The winter was one of the harsher ones I’ve survived–but the natives were saying that too, so apparently it wasn’t just me. Three local coffee shops within a ten minute walk of the library–one of which makes good soup, another good donuts. If you want to buy there are a lot of houses for sale or there are a number of nice apartment complexes. And I know where to get good waffle fries but have not yet explored the banana splits.

If this sounds interesting, please email me questions and I’ll be happy to answer what I can (my email is on my blog website). If you know someone who would be interested, please forward this on to them.

Once the official job posting goes out, I’ll let you know.

And, as I said with our last position: We’ve got a hedgehog and a raccoon— what can you add to the mix?

Week 1

I have officially survived my first week at my new job. It was exhausting and I know way too many children by name already, but I made it through to Friday.

It’s very different from what I anticipated or am remotely used to seeing, which makes for quite a steep learning curve. Even the Human Resources Department was completely different from the corporate one that I most recently dealt with. I’m trying to restrain myself from too many details, mostly because they’ll come back to haunt me in the future.

It hasn’t been an easy week. I’m very much naturally nocturnal and I have to get up at 6:30 a.m. now. I really enjoy public transportation and I’m driving to/from my job over an hour each way (I should have known something was up at the interview when they panicked over whether or not I did own a car…). I’m in an area of town totally foreign to me and I’ve had at least one adult resident recommend my caution of being in that area. It’s going to be tough.

The library does have it’s regulars though, quite a few of whom I already know by name. This is useful when needing information on other patrons or when a group of them is misbehaving–I can call out names and through them get the group to settle down. It appears to be a safe place where they can entertain themselves (kind of) and argue over who gets to get on the computers next and play the latest game.

I’m too exhausted to do much of anything when I get home–even talk to my long suffering boyfriend–but the occasional midday and early evening calls to my support network are hopefully going to get me through. Now I just have to figure out how to get through Spring Break next week…..