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LibraryThing…I think I love you

(Disclosure: This post actually requires you to open the blog to enjoy all of the giddiness)

Look !!

<--------------------- I managed to wander off with some code from Chris and Tim at LibraryThing (and a few other tweaking users). Now…just what you always wanted–a peek onto the shelves at my apartment. My roommate says we have our own personal library and she’s right. Of the five bookshelves in the house, four of them are almost completely stuffed with my books and on the fifth one I have two entire shelves of DVDs. I discovered LibraryThing not that long ago to my excessive joy. What a marvelous way to share books and finally figure out what I own. I’ve only managed to input a couple shelves of books, leaning on the snack food side of literature. Waiting on clearance from the holiday bills to get my lifetime subscription.

But LibraryThing now lets you put a nifty gadget with your blog (or homepage, etc) where you can have random books (or specific) from your library circulate. So you can see that I own most of Julia Quinn’s works, all of the MASH books (16), and –eventually–the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. Now if I could just get my Clancy books back from Adam so I could find the ISBNs.

Do you LibraryThing?

I Love My LibraryThing

I want three days to spend at home with my shelves and my LibraryThing. Tim Spaulding is a GENIUS. www.librarything.com

I’m a late adopter–kind of like with blogging, but now that I’ve moved over I’m hooked. My sister has over the years vainly pleaded with me to put my books into some sort of catalog–for how else is she supposed to know which of the “Cat Who” mysteries already grace my shelves and how many Cathy Guisewite books I really own. Everything she would send me to try though was so clunky that I couldn’t begin to wade through it.

Enter Tim and his fabulous, online, shareable, manageable product. Take a simple concept, give it to the geeks to break, and then bring it to the world at a reasonable price. It’s only $25 for a lifetime subscription, as many books as I want. Who doesn’t find that fantabulous!!

Once my library is a little more populated, I might be inclined to share–as long as it doesn’t mean getting too much ribbing for my romance novel collection…