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Random Quote Sunday: Only 62 More Knitting Days…

I’m actually home in La Crosse with the Incredibly Patient Mother. And I don’t leave the state until December (if all goes as planned). AND election day is nearly here, which means in just over another week I won’t have to look at any more campaign ads. I will, however, have to survive my library as polling place.

But until then:

“It’s a good pattern, life force sucking and evil but a good pattern.”
(Can we tell the holiday knitting has started?)

“He did his best but I managed to survive the evening.”
(Re-enacting Anne Boleyn’s death for the library Halloween party.)

“No one else seemed to realize I was in mourning, but wearing black in New York–even to a wedding–is almost always acceptable.”
(Quote from a hopeful NaNoWriMo project)

Random Quote Sunday: Rhythm and Rhyme

Guess what state I’m in? (Beyond the state of confusion or exhaustion, I’m an almost permanent resident there.)

Clue #1: It’s not Wisconsin.

As some of you know, I like dance music. My-Friend-the-Lawyer often sends me mixes and tracks he thinks I should hear and I have a YouTube list that I usually have running when I need to zone out and get down to work. DJ Steve Boyette also does some nice stuff. But it was a long week this week and by Thursday this was indicative of my mood:

“The dance music isn’t working. I’m not perky.”

And a bit of a story today for you. An acquaintance of mine just welcomed a second child. Beautiful healthy boys, both. And they’ve chosen traditional names.




And…I’m a children’s librarian. (Hands up if you can see where this one is going–and yes, you’re required to sing along.)

May I be the only person whose first reaction on hearing the baby’s name was to exclaim, “John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt…his name is my name too….” and then stop and look really really guilty.

This is what happens when your brain is full of nursery rhymes.

Random Quote Sunday: Blame the Kitchen

“I can’t go…my appliances won’t let me.”
–Apparently every time M goes away one of her appliances goes bananas. When she went to France it was the kitchen sink. She just got back from Germany and it’s the TV. I suggested that excuse for her next business trip.

Random Quote Sunday: There’s a Reason We’re Friends

If you skipped last weeks posts, well–you missed some awfully pretty pictures. But when you put Tech Sergeant and I in the same place/conversation for very long, something crazy is going to come out.

“It’s proof of how long we’ve known each other: he can see the skepticism through my sunglasses.”
–Me to TS’s dad. Did you see how big the sunglasses I was wearing were?

“Death and despair and lizards and such”
–Tech Sergeant’s description of Nevada

“Here fish, fish, fish, fish…”
–My tried and true fishing call. I will attest that it worked, I caught a trout, much to the relief of the patient guide who kept telling me I was casting appropriately but the fish just weren’t biting. JB was awesome.

“I’m impassioned about 25 cent tacos.”
–Tech Sergeant, why he wanted the Rockies to win.

“There was bat movement and then he looked displeased.”
–It’s better than my play-by-play of football.

“I aspire to be your desktop.”
–Me in full hipwaders, it’s the closest I’ll get to being a calendar girl.