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Random Quote Sunday: I’m in Colorado….

At least, I will be on Sunday. I’m hanging out with the one of my best friends and his parents.

In preparation of getting ready to go:

“I forgot to plan around the orange hat. I’m going to have to go home and reevaluate. Can a pink tank top work with a burnt orange hat?”

Discussing seafood–which I don’t eat:

“When the eating instructions at the table involve “cut/tear the head off…” and it’s not a marshmallow peep or chocolate rabbit…”

And what are we on?

“Plan Q…because we know I passed plans A, B and C a looooong time ago.”

While Madame Director found it both amusing and…strangely normal, I still don’t think she was expecting me to announce that I was going to an alpaca festival over the weekend. Hiking and fishing, okay… alpaca and Stephen King? But the 50SPF and I are off having a marvelous time. The alpaca yarn and I will be home soon.

(Have I mentioned how much I love scheduling posts in advance?)

Random Quote Sunday: Last Round

We had an overnight gaming event at work last night. 12 hours with five other adults, 16 boys and 1 girl. I was kitchen wench, which meant I saw all the guys repeatedly in search of more salty snacks and another soda (six each, we’d passed out drink tickets). It went well, though I don’t think I will ever understand the fascination with Rock Band or FPS games. Still, it had a bit of a sense of being in a frat house, with exhaustion taking the place of the expected lack of sobriety. These were young teens after all.

But our quote this week comes from Lady-in-Charge from last night, who made the following announcement around 3 a.m.

“Last call for freezie pops.”

I’m going back to bed shortly. I don’t have to be up….so I’m not going to be.

Random Quote Sunday: or Monday, what?

I did make it back from New York and the Brunette’s wedding shower before midnight last night but crawled into bed shortly after arriving home. Something about air travel and lots of pulling together of a wedding shower that lasted nearly eight hours–it takes it out of a girl.

It was a weekend of old and new friends, of leaky tents and sunbathing by the pool, of glamorous and messy, and of tons of hugs and kisses.

“We used to sit around talking about finals, now we talk about weddings.”
(Another engagement was announced this weekend from amongst my college friends.)

“Yes, I even came back with the same girlfriend.”
(DBG–talking about a trip to Italy)

“There are wire and shiny things!”
(A reaction from the groom at the wedding shower–talking about a card)

“I’m just the un-edited portion of your brain.”
(To one of my coworkers)

And if you’re one of my facebook friends–the photos are up from the shower. I didn’t post them but if you look at pics I’m tagged in you can pop over there. One of the groomsmen took a lot of great pics.

Random Quote Sunday: I’ve been shopping.

“I just did the world’s fastest sprint over there for Good Morning!”

–Good Morning is a scent of soap just released by Happy Housewife Soaps and Sundries. She did a big update last night and there was a huge swarm of soap/perfume sharks. Most of the soaps are sold out (she started with 23 scents, currently has 8) but stuff available here. Good stuff. 🙂

“XX skeins of yarn jump into my cart, that’s what happens.”

–Apparently the yarn diet is over. I’ll let you fill in the blank of just HOW much yarn I got. Suffice to say it was a lot. (Sale is at WEBS) And yes, it was a two figure number so no greater than 99.

“I assume our energy levels are under control today?”

–I’m the mean librarian, I send people home when they launch themselves across the room at an 8 ft. giraffe. A little pre-emptive warning today.