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Go North…

I hope it will reflect highly on my former coworkers that I point you at a couple of job ads at La Crosse Public Library.

They are hiring an archivist and an assistant circulation coordinator.  These are two very interesting positions: archives has some of the coolest people at LPL and the Queen of Reference (who now takes on the Queen of Public Services title) will be supervising the Assistant Circulation Coordinator.  These are new positions that will have a lot of opportunity for outreach in the community, growth professionally, and good people to work with.

If you have any questions I can answer about La Crosse or my experiences, I am always happy to do so. They were highly supportive during my time there and  when I was ready to leave for a new challenge, I did so with their support because of the many good experiences I’d had there and their understanding that professionals grow and change.

And now….the to do list.

One of the first things that happened after I started this blog in July 2006 was that I announced to my place of work that I was leaving and relocating to Chicago (gee, sounds familiar doesn’t it).  Specifically I said “If you want your workload doubled–tell your job that you’re moving.”  While that’s not quite the case here, it’s daunting how much I need to finish up before I am packed into a truck and heading 5 hours that way.*

Wednesday, I told the world at large.  I’d sworn my immediate department on Tuesday to 18 hours of silence and knowledge–including on the internet. They all were diligent and held their tongues.  Everyone has been very gracious and enthusiastic so far, tempered with a bit of sadness, on both sides.

Now…now things really start happening.  Madame Storyteller and I started on a serious list on Tuesday evening and by COB Thursday I no longer had any storytimes.  Madame Storyteller is taking Wee Reads, including, sniffle, a patron I’ve had since my first storytimes at LPL.  I haven’t called that mom yet to tell her.  Overdrive went to our Reference Queen and we had that meeting on Wednesday.  I’ll spend out the acquisitions budgets for this year but I’ve started handing over selection tools to three people taking on my ordering responsibilities.

Over lunch I gave notice to the Office Manager for my apartment building.  She and I have worked quite well together through her seeming-ever-rotating office help.  We discussed details, when I’d get my security deposit, what I needed to take care of before I left (e.g. I have to have the carpets professionally cleaned because of Gypsy).

This morning was my regularly scheduled six month dental appt.  After sharing the news with him and indulging in some wishful thinking that he and his wife (my other dentist–they have a joint practice) would pack up and come with me, I hopped down the hall to my orthodontist’s office (same building–so easy!).  I caught him at a random free moment and filled him in on the details.  Before I could hardly blink he was talking about a debanding appointment and about three breaths later I was in a chair where they’d had a canceled appt and getting another minor adjustment.  Keep in mind that originally we were talking about debanding in February.  When I left the office I had four orthodontic appointments scheduled into the next twelve days.  And then I went back to my dentist.  He’d expressed that there were a couple things that needed to be done once I got the braces off and since they’ll be off before I go–I’d rather have him do it.  It’s a shame I can’t knit really in the dental chair–they don’t mind if I read while I’m waiting the Novocaine to set in but they frown on sharp pointy sticks held by people not actually working there.

I’ve resigned from the Three Rivers Knitting Guild and I’ll resign from the La Crosse Kiwanis Board on Monday, the group on Tuesday. I have to change over passwords and contact accounts but this time–all of that is in a central location and our President-Elect knows how to get to it!  Online shared spreadsheets FTW!

I’m working on new hire paperwork for UIC, all electronically.  As I need to set up things like direct deposit and such, that meant a new bank account. I really like the bank I have here (not the old one, the new one) but they don’t have a branch in Chicago.  I didn’t order checks, so I’ll have to ask about how I get my routing numbers.  I expect they’ll email me something about that in the morning.  Have I mentioned how much I like living in the future where we can set up a bank account at midnight and know that by the time I get to my email in the morning whatever details I need taken care of will be in process?

And now of course I have to answer the truly difficult questions

  1. Can I read 1 National Geographic a day so I can recycle the backlog and not have to move it?
  2. Why on earth do I have this much body wash/scrub/lotion?
  3. Do I have time to make 8 new pair of pajama pants, 14 shawls, 10 pairs of socks, and put together 5 scrapbooks in the next three weeks?  (The need to craft is strong in me. And I have some flannel that I’d rather move as pajama pants as opposed to fabric.)
  4. Who inherits the knitting needle stash at work?

Friday’s another full day… Hedgehog has acquisition funds to spend.

*pointing vaguely south-east, wait, which way is north?

Photo Break Friday

Since you suffered through my nearly 1700 word diatribe, I figured you’d bear with me for a couple of completely non-library related images.

Over Christmas, Gypsy got to watch “Cat TV” at the Incredibly-Patient-Mother’s house. There were a ton of birds hanging out in the backyard and three very healthy and acrobatic squirrels. I’m told this is the “skinny” one. Squirrel sandwich anyone?

On the way home she met AudioGirl’s Dinah. They spent the night hissing at each other.

But Gypsy has settled in nicely since we got home (she was happy to be back here). She found which chair gets the most sunlight for her battery recharging naps.

She’s located a wonderful supply of “celery” (that’s what it sounds like she’s eating).

She’s figured out if she gets in between me and the monitor that I HAVE to pay attention to her. (Yes, my desk is a disaster)

And she continues to be stunningly beautiful.

I’m having “Cat Warming” tomorrow night so she can meet some of my LPL coworkers. And I’ve arranged for the RefQueen’s daughter to cat sit for my next long trip.

TechNO Changes?

While perusing a vanity search, I found Walt’s post about TechNos and revisited my own list of things I don’t do in this ever changing technological world. I thought it’d be interesting to do a comparison.

Last Year:

  • DTV: Wasn’t worried about the transition
  • SQL: On the To Learn Better List
  • No Digital Camera
  • A little concerned about Blu-Ray

This Year

  • DTV, the transition came and went and many people still need boxes. Haven’t heard any great fussing about it though. **ETA: Walt reminds me that we’ve not gone through DTV yet, though a couple of our local stations have. Still, it has dropped off the radar of late. Thanks Walt!
  • SQL: Still on the to-learn list, though my database work is thumping various aspects into my brain
  • I now have a small digital camera that lives in my purse. It’s pretty awesome and I’m enjoying it. Still miss some of the film camera aspects, but being able to inflict all of my Ravelry and Friendfeed friends with pictures of my yarn and knitting projects.
  • Have yet to buy a Blu-Ray player.

New Things for This Year?

  • I’m still not an active gamer outside of the occasional round of Scramble or Word Twist on Facebook
  • I’ve not gotten into ebooks. With piles in my library basket, on my bookshelves, and on my waiting lists, it could yet be a while before I get to those.
  • My high speed internet doesn’t play nice with my wireless, so I’ve never used Hulu

What things have changed for you over the last year? What things have you become aware of that you are choosing to not embrace or might embrace in the future?

Making an Effort….Or at Least Trying to

There’s been growing discussion on the boards the last couple of weeks about participation in our national organizations. For the majority of us, this seems to be a sore topic full of frustration. I particularly liked Emily Ford’s discussion of it, self-identifying somewhere around Level 2 (trying to be involved but generally feeling stifled).

I did finally re-up for another year of ALA, after much pondering, many consultations, and not a few rounds of ranting how this was resume filler that didn’t seem to be doing much good to/for anyone. I appealed to NMRT, Madame Director, the RefQueen, and a ridiculous number of non-librarians (who don’t particularly care) on their opinion of if I should rejoin. It meant I reconnected with one of my libschool cohorts but didn’t provide much in the way of clarity.

Ultimately, I decided to give Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) a try. It’s a division of ALA, such that to join what I was interested in, I had to join the overhead. With optimism of how welcoming they are, and the knowledge that I had a few friends in there already, I sent away the hard earned funds and the committee form. I signed up on the LITA list….

Thus far….that’s been it. No one has emailed regarding committees and while the list has had a couple of interesting conversations, I’ve not really seen anything I felt inclined to dive into. This is rather dissatisfying as I was looking to actually get involved in doing something more than read lists.

Granted, I actually can identify projects LITA has taken on (e.g BIGWIG) and I know a number of the names and faces around LITA. But when I’ve brought the topic up on other library related networking places it’s been met without much response. And that’s kind of frustrating. I’m not sure if everyone is just focused elsewhere or if it’s based on my inability to go to both conferences.

So tonight I fling myself at the list again, hoping to spark something. Not sure what yet, but something….

And yes, in the interim, there is the LSW.